Jump Right In

You have a 7-week teaching plan at your fingertips.

This plan is exactly what you need to give you TIME and space to do some research, talk to some homeschoolers, and prayerfully decide what you really want to be teaching your kids this year.

It's not meant to be a forever plan to follow, but rather a map of things you can do right now with your kids.

There is no such thing as One Size Fits All Homeschooling. Give yourself time to settle in.

Most homeschooler need 1-3 years to get truly comfortable with this new way of life.

To use the JUMPSTART.

  • Find your child's grade level.
  • Follow the QuickStart plan.
  • EASY!!

Age Appropriate Subjects Included: Math, Reading/writing, Songs, Science & social Studies, Art, and chores! (Preschoolers- do not include science and Social Studies, but rather crafts and songs)

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