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Topics covered:

Energy, renewable energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, solar energy, wind energy, and wave and tidal energy.

15 Mini lessons and Activities Included

• Energy

• U.S. Consumption Graph and questions

• Renewable Energy Foldable

• What is Biomass Energy

• Biomass Energy Reading Comprehension

• Geothermal Energy Reading and Word Search

• Hydroelectric power

• Solar power

• What can be powered by the sun?

• Wind power

• Wave and tidal energy

• The Turbine

• Solve Our Energy Crisis

• Video Response

• Memory Game

Earth Science: Geology Mini-Lessons and Activities

Most of these products are No Prep: Just print and go!

Studying geology this year with your students? These Earth Science and geology mini lessons are meant as a companion to all of the various topics your students will explore this year. Geology and Earth Science in general are fascinating and engaging. I hope your students enjoy these activities!

Topics covered:

Composition of the Earth: layers including core, outer core, mantle and crust, Rocks: metamorphic rock, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, and the rock cycle, minerals and all their glory, plate tectonics and oreos, weathering/erosion/deposition, glaciers, mountains: fold, fault-block, and volcanics, topography, topographical maps, volcanoes: cinder, composite, shield and lave dome, and earthquakes, and video records

11 Mini lessons and Activities Included

Layers of the Earth (5 pages)

Layersof the earth reading

Label the layers of the earth worksheet

Layers of earth poster labeled

Layers of the earth poster unlabeled

Layers of the Earth writing paper: Teacher created prompt.

Rocks (6 pages)

The Rock Cycle reading

Rock Cycle poster

Rock Cycle Writing

Label rock cycle (color and black and white)

Types of Rocks

Minerals (4 pages)

About Minerals reading

Mineral mini booklet

Minerals foldable

Types of minerals Writing

Plate Tectonics (6 pages)

About Plate tectonics reading (2 pages)

Oreo Lab: plate tectonics (2 pages)

Plate tectonics Word search and answer key (2 pages)

Weathering , Erosion, Deposition (7 pages)

Weathering Reading

Erosion Memory Game

Weathering writing

Glaciers (4 pages)

About Glaciers Reading

Glaciers foldable


About soil reading

Soil mini-booklet

Soil profile reading

Label soil

Mountains (5 pages)

Mountains reading

Mountain vocabulary

Mountain feature foldable

Mountain word search and answer key

Topography (4 pages)

Topography reading

Topography writing

Topography internet activity and questions

Volcanoes (5 pages)

Volcano reading

Volcano vocabulary

Ring of fire

Volcano in a cup lab

Volcano writing

Earthquakes (5 pages)

Earthquake reading

Earthquake questions

Earthquake project and rubric

Make a seismograph project

Video record sheet

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