Homeschooling with Confidence

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My boys LOVE when we lose power. Even though they are all taller than I am, they turn into overgrown 2-year-olds when the lights go out.

  • Drinking water from our storage containers
  • Cooking on the grill, or in the fireplace
  • And Hide and Go seek on steroids.

The boys may love stumbling around in the dark, but not me. I need a light. A bright one.

That’s what I hope this book is for you.

  • A guide
  • A starting place
  • A light

Homeschooling can be scary enough. In the dark, without a handy flashlight it can be downright terrifying.

Don’t worry, I'm here to help you. I’ve already scouted the area, planned a few things to help you through and flushed out the things hiding in the dark.

Course Curriculum

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Table of Contents

  • Homeschool Notebook Set-up Introduction
  • Survival Plan
  • Hold Tightly to the “Don’t Quit” Voice. Glean Wisdom
  • Four Keys to Successful Homeschooling Homeschool Mindset
  • Homeschool 101
  • Your mission statement
  • Homeschool Goals
  • Your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmarks
  • Your Benchmarks
  • Curriculum
  • Planning your school year
  • Your year at a glance
  • Unit Studies
  • Unit Study Planner
  • Why Teach Math?
  • Math Concepts to Master before Graduating High School Why Teach History?
  • History to Explore
  • Why Teach Science?
  • Teaching with Babies and Toddlers
  • Teaching with Babies and Toddlers Survival Plan Creativity and Boredom
  • Homeschooling Resources
  • Calendar Project

"Surprisingly, the idea of setting written goals made me stop to think about how I am raising my kids. Sometimes, my default way of interacting with them is not the best thing for them. Often, I know this in my mind at the time, but I don't always know what to do about it. Being able to write my homeschooling goals made me realize that I am motivated to homeschool my kiddos for so many other reasons beyond academics and what others determine as success. I find I am able to be a better listener and more patient with my boys because I can see the big picture now. Thank you for giving me perspective and helping me to embrace and enjoy these young years now!"

- Kristen- homeschool mom

"Wow just wanna say I think u are pretty cool. I like the dry humor and real life stuff."

- Rachel- homeschool mom

"I absolutely love this. "

- April- homeschool mom

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This is a homeschooling guide to help you with your homeschooling journey. Sure, there are many activities you can complete with your children included, but the real meat of this ebook is that it’s your master toolbox of tricks you can begin to use immediately to impact you and your children today.

This ebook may be just the trick to pull you out of a slump, steer you in the right direction, motivate you to keep going, or just let you know you are not alone in this homeschool journey.

When you are confused, frustrated, or ready to quit I’ll be there by your side. I’ve been there.

This is a living book.

It’s meant to be printed, scribbled in and on, or dog-eared. You might read it all at once, or in between putting your toddler to bed and tutoring your 12-year old in math. If you happen to spill your coffee all over it, don’t cry.

It’s an ebook, so you simply print another copy.

Bekki =)

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Your Instructor

Craig and Bekki Sayler
Craig and Bekki Sayler

We are Craig and Bekki Sayler, “Never-Gonna-Quit” homeschooling parents of five rambunctious sons. Yep. It’s as crazy as it sounds!

Our passion is to help Christian parents find homeschool success in a way that honors the LORD, protects the family, and equips kids for their future.

We don't believe in "one-size fits all" homeschool. Honestly we don't believe homeschool is for every family.

Different ways we've educated our five boys over 25 years:

  • Public school
  • co-op school
  • Sharing curriculum with friends
  • Online public school
  • Charter School
  • Design and create own curriculum
  • Community college

We've been homeschooling over 25 years and mentoring homeschool families for over 15 years now.

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