The truth is that you’re about to start exercising crocheting muscles you didn’t even know you had.

During theses lessons, at some point you may feel unsure of yourself.

You may even feel like it’s too hard.

You MIGHT even want to hide your crocheting hook.

This is what growth feels like.

Exciting and uncomfortable and maybe even a little frustrating.

So I want you to make yourself a promise, right now. Before you even try to add the yarn to your hook...

Before you get to those uncomfortable moments of growth, you need to decide who you are.

If you consider yourself to be somebody who is creative and likes to try new things, you’ll be prepared for those moments.

Because when your fingers don't cooperate, your yarn gets tangled, and brain spews out negative thoughts, you won’t say, “I don’t get this. I give up.”

Instead, you’ll say, “I don’t get this…yet. But I will.”

If at any point in this course you do happen to find yourself thinking, “I can't do this,” you can get yourself back on track by adding this to the end: “…yet.”

I can't do this…yet. But I will. With practice.

Make a promise. Comment below that you'll never leave yourself hanging. "I can't do this yet, but with practice and time I will!"

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