Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

USA Today reported, a group of passengers recently needed oxygen masks during flight.

With a sudden drop in cabin pressure, those face masks dropped down from above.

Sheesh... Most of the busy travelers failed to put their masks on properly...

"Oh, good grief," we snicker.

Mama, are you wearing your Oxygen mask properly?

The Lord is pretty clear with the correct order of our priorities:

  • God
  • Husband
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Then everything else, including homeschool, work, and ministry

How often so we let our priorities get out of whack?

When I shared the promotion video for this master class with my husband, he gave me high praise.

Then a few hours later he said...

"you are a beautiful woman Bekki. I was watching your video thinking, Whoa..."

His next comment went straight to my heart.

"I wish you'd talk to me the same way you spoke into that video more..."

None of us are perfect.

I let my priorities get out of order too.

It's funny how quickly we drop the ball and focus on the peripheral things rather than staying focused on the central things.

My life doesn't work without my God and my husband.

It broke my heart that he felt like he'd been getting my left-overs.

So I'm making a change.

I will Breathe in the Love of the Lord, then exhale it back over my husband first, then my children.

We're all works in progress.

How do you put on your oxygen mask?

  • Sit at the Lord's feet
  • Breathe deeply
  • spend time in the Word every day (even if it's just a few minutes)
  • Praying all throughout the day for our loved ones and their needs

Mama, take a seat

  • Put on your oxygen mask
  • Take a deep breath

God wants to be your very breath...

This is the Air I Breathe, by Michael W. Smith

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