Supply List and Progress Tracker

One of the first things most moms do at the beginning of their homeschool journey is to find, organize and decorate their school space.

There is something inspiring about

It just feels new: FULL of possibilities.

So let's start there in the midst of beautiful possibilities.

This class is broken into 10 Modules.

That means it's gonna require some time and coffee.

I purposely designed each module and their lessons to be completed in short bursts.

Because let's face it...

  • The baby may have a blow out the second you decide you found 5-minutes to focus.
  • the boys may suddenly burst through the house declaring an "all out" nerf war.
  • the 12-year old may decide, "this is a perfect day to have an emotional meltdown".

We're busy. Some of us are surrounded by munchkins and buried in housework and homeschool and are overwhelmed...

But fixing our hearts on the Lord is worth our

  • effort
  • time
  • hearts.

Don't be surprised if life gets a bit crazier.

When we focus on following God, the enemy of our souls comes prowling to distract, discourage, and depress us.

Be ready.

Get "dressed" properly. Put on your armor ever day!

Ephesians 6:14-17

  • Belt of truth- God is real and His word is truth
  • Breastplate of righteousness- Cover your heart with his promises
  • Shoes of the gospel- Bring the Lord with you where ever you go
  • Shield of faith- Trust in the Lord, believe in His word and His promises
  • Helmet- remember you are saved by grace
  • Sword of truth- Your only weapon is the word of God. Keep it sharp- read your Bible every day!

4 Steps to get you rolling


  • Supply list
  • Progress Tracker


  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Something to write with (yes, broken crayons work)

3.Schedule: This Class is self paced, but I find putting things on my calendar inspires me.

Add a reminder into your calendar right now.

  • Decide to work on this course at a pace you believe you can handle:
  • 10-30 minutes a day/ 3-5 days a week works great

4.Say hello

  • We all need encouragement and accountability.
  • I've created a closed, safe, private facebook group where we can share this journey with other moms who are doing the same.
  • Come join us!

You did it!!

Check off the first 3 "to-do's" on your progress tracker!! Because it feels great to check off those boxes:)

PS- Many of the modules and lessons will have links.

All of the links in this course will bring you to printable and resources that I have personally created or found to bring value to your homeschooling journey.

There are affiliate links in this class.

It never costs you more to purchase something through an affiliate link. The company simply sends me a few pennies as a thank you to me for sharing with you.

But I only share things I make, use, or LOVE.

Heart of Homeschooling God's Way_ Supply List.pdf
Heart of Homeschooling God's way_ Progress tracker (3).pdf
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