TREASURE CHEST for Kids classroom is born!

Oh, your kids are gonna LOVE this!

The treasure chest for Kids is a SAFE, private, and exclusive collection of digital self correcting learning burritos for your kids.

A Learning Burrito is an educational lesson wrapped up in a very fun activity.

What are BOOM Cards?

In a nutshell, Boom Cards are digital, self-checking, interactive activities. Students are shown one question at a time and get instant feedback on their answers!

I create BOOM Cards for kids pre-k through High school. I also have the ability to collect other creator's BOOM cards and share them as well.

The Treasure Chest for Kids pays for the entire membership if the kids enjoy 1+ activities a month.

Each of these Decks retail for $4.50+ in my store.

Hop in today!

Detail about how to get your kids into the treasure chest are available to you after you join.

QUICK SNEAK Peek inside.

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